Wheel Loader Model 1650

1650 Loading a dump truck


The 1650 is built with many features that you may never see in any other wheel loader. First, we start with the fully legal compliant Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine from Kohler, a name you know for quality. Tier 4 Standards are now a must as VW found out in the latest 18 Billion Dollar Fine from the EPA. Many Federal, State and Local Contracts call for only Tier 4 Final machinery to be used on their properties as well.

Engine manufacturers have met this standard using a mix of solutions requiring buyers to learn acronyms like SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction), DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and processes like Regeneration. All of this means time , money and complexity to most owners. Imagine you are just about to finish loading a customer when a Regeneration cycle cripples your work while the operator cooks in his cab on a summer day while the engine heats particulate matter to 600 degrees (F) for 20-40 minutes burning your precious fuel. Oh, and heaven forbid an exhaust part costing $5,000 breaks in the process. So unless you like stressing about whether you brought your DEF fluid with you, or whether it froze in the cab overnight, consider this:

With Kohler's KDI there is

  • NO Diesel Particulate Filter
  • NO Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • NO Regeneration Cycles
  • Instant Start down to -4 Degrees (F)
  • Best Fuel Economy of all 50-60 HP class Diesel Engines
  • Engine Protection with Self Preservation Modes

We intentionally tried to overheat engine but it would just throttle down and display warnings to shut down. The engine was run out of diesel and we wanted to know what that process was like. A quick couple of presses on the pump button, about 4, and it started on the first try. This motor purrs like a kitten and if it didn't say diesel on it, you may not even know it.

Standard Amenities

  • Push Button Forward/Reverse
  • Push Button High/Low Gear
  • Hydraulic Operated Quick Attach
  • 2 Attachment Hydro Circuits
    (1st - Momentary or Continuous,
      2nd - Momentary)
  • Smooth Hydraulics
  • Cab Tilt
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • High Back Suspension Seat
  • Back Up Camera
  • Door Open Latch
  • Joystick Armrest
  • Heat
  • Radio (USB/SD card)
  • Dome Light
  • 12 Volt DC Outlet
  • Fan
  • Slider Windows (Right & Left)
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Murphy Engine Display
  • Kohler Diagnostic Port
  • Self Leveling Bucket Control
  • Tank Cap Locks (Fuel/Hydro)
  • Yellow Warning Light
  • 4 Way Emergency
  • High/Low Headlights with Turn Signals
  • LED Work Lights (Front/Back)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tilt Steering
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Glass Beak Hammer
  • Attachment Lock On Valve
    (Prevents releasing attachment by accident)
  • Independent Rear Supension
    Independent Rear Suspension

Optional Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Back Up Sensors
  • Tire Tread Styles


Murphy PowerView Display

The MURPHY PowerView Display is used to give the operator complete information of all engine data. Not only is the basic information displayed such as RPM, Oil Pressure, etc. but a complete Diagnosis Code of any Engine Fault can be instantly seen though the SAE J1939 statndard SPN and FMI codes displayed. Engine faults will illuminate a bright yellow light and severe faults will display red as engine throttles down protecting itself while asking operator to immediately shut off.


Sound from inside the cab


Kohler KDI1903TCR

Model Kohler KDI1903TCR
Max. Power 56 HP& 2200 rpm
Max Torque 165.9 lb-ft & 1600 RPM
No. of Cylinder 3
Displacement(cc) 113.5 (1861)
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Cooling Liquid
Emission Certification EPA Tier 4 Final
Dimensional Specifications
Overall Height 108 inches
Overall Length (With Bucket) 224 inches
Overall Width 73 inches
Overall Operating Height 148 inches
Height To Hinge Pin 120 inches
Dump Angle Fully Raised 45 degrees
Dump Height (With Bucket With Teeth) 94 inches
Reach Fully Raised 34 inches
Digging Depth 25 inches
Wheelbase 84 inches
Ground Clearance (With Standard Tires) 9.8 inches
Angle Of Articulation 35 degrees
Operational Specifications
Standard Bucket Capacity 1 yard3
Loader Raise Time 3.5 seconds
Loader Lower Time 2.2 seconds
Dry Weight Standard Bucket 8,569 LB
Weight Without Bucket / Fueled 8,620 pounds
Weight Super Snow Bucket / Fueled 9,800 pounds
Standard Tires 12 - 16.5
Drive Train & Hydraulic Pump
Transmission Hydraulic torque converter
2 speed gear box
Number Of Speeds 2 Forward / 2 Reverse
Max Speed 15.5 MPH
Travel Speed 14.2 MPH
Brakes 4 wheel disc
Pump Type Pump Output
• Main • 45 ml/r   (Model CBGY1045)
• Transmission Oil Pump • 18 ml/r   (Model CBGY1018)
Hydraulic Multiple Valve Flow 16 Gal/Min
Fluid Refill
Fluid Tank 20.6 Gal
Hydraulic Oil Tank 20.6 Gal
Lifting Specifications
Loading Weight 3,527 LB
Counter Weight / Standard 990 LB

Wheel loader 1650 diagram

Wheel loader 1650 engine compartment access via cab tilt feature
The Cab Tilt Feature allows for easy access to most major components of the loader.
Pumps, hoses, fluids can all be checked by driving the screw jack with your impact wrench.

Wheel loader 1650 on trailer with dump truck

Wheel loader 1650 cab from right side Wheel loader 1650 cab seat from right side

Wheel loader 1650 cab from left side Wheel loader 1650 cab seat from left side

Wheel loader 1650 cab ceiling

Wheel loader 1650 scooping rock at the quarry

Wheel loader 1650 on trailer with dump truck